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Also, With this workshop comes a: Mitchell Gossett originally was going to be coming the Nov.

11th weekend, but we changed that date to December 2-3...

See also list of natural gas and oil production accidents in the United States.

Yes, We have buff-ups for free, but that is only a small amount of time of being immersed in your scene that is required to really blow the room away.

You have a better chance to compete when you are seriously prepared like a pro going into those workshops.

This was the Middle School Master class that met this summer for a Middle School Master Intensive (Only 13 students for 22 hours-Less students, more time) and in it was Bryce Gheisar ("WALK THE PRANK", "A DOG'S PURPOSE", "WONDER"), Matt Mc Cann (A regular on network comedy hit "MAN WITH A PLAN with Matt Le Blanc (from FRIENDS), Mallory Mahoney (Disney's "Adventures in Babysitting", Now- going to be on "Bunk'd" for the next two years), Estelle Hermansen (The girl who slapped Academy Award-winning Kathy Bates and had a stare-down contest with her too in "American Horror Story" last year. Kiera Strauss from "Roots" was in this class as well as all three girls the hit GIRL band "Noturgirlfrenz".

Bryce, Matt, Estelle, two out of the three girls in the hit band & Caleb Pierce are with Mitchell at CESD & some of his new Cathryn/Mitchell Stars Coming up right now.

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