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I love watching shows and movies andgetting attached to the characters. That might irritate some of you but I honestly can't do anything else with those stories until i fix them up. It would mean a lot, especially since I'm at that stage in my life where it actually becomes life instead of just being babysat by your parents.

I can tell you this: they'll be much better once they're rewritten, and I hope you'll find the wait worth it in the end. I'm being introduced to having a job, driving a car, and generally having responsibilities.

The family of immortals look a little deeper into their youngest's dealings and realize they don't really know Hades at all; that he is so much more than any of them could have imagined.

Year of the Boar Ares is the god of war and complete awesomeness.

With this newfound power, he may just be able to put a stop to Sachiko's nightmare realm once and for all.

Two Crazies and a Bucket of Fire Percy and Annabeth go insane down in Tartarus--it just wasn't meant for humans.

It takes him some time to escape from the over-curious and not-very-moral scientists, but he eventually ends up in Fairy Tail, with a tentative relationship with Laxus and some very friendly guildmates who will apparently go to the ends of the earth to make sure he at least is happy.)A few things about me... I love writing stories and coming up withdeep, controversial characters. I love going to comic con and seeing andwearing amazing cosplay and costumes.

I love reading stories and analyzing thecharacters and events. I know I haven't updated some of(many/a lot/most of) my stories in a long while, and I sincerely apologize for that. I apologize if this annoys/frustrates/enrages you, and it totally makes a hypocritical ass out of me sometimes, but I do honestly try my best.

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Fanfiction is what literature might look like if it were reinvented from scratch after a nuclear apocalypse by a band of brilliant pop-culture junkies trapped in a sealed bunker. They're fans, but they're not silent, couchbound consumers of media.com"In a last-ditch attempt to kill Madara for good, the remaining shinobi gear Naruto up into the ultimate weapon of mass destruction. Unfortunately, in the end, Madara lands one last blow, and it has to do with the kamui.Back in the Elemental Nations; the war is won and Madara is dead, however, that doesn't mean the shinobi can relax.I love listening to my friend Taylor sing,and writing songs for her. If any of you readers are a fellow author, then perhaps you'll understand that our minds are kind of wonky and pertain to odd work hours. Many of my stories are going through construction at the moment.I love helping people settle their problemsand making them smile. Some are under rewrite and other have been put on hiatus.

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