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Also we couldn’t be happier that they are now serving alongside an outstanding group of marketing experts.” In addition to Mr Schlappkohl and Ms Scriven, the HSMAI Region Europe Digital Marketing Advisory Board is made up by: Paul Mulcahy, SVP Commercial, Member of Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts Executive Committee, Mövenpick Hotels & Resorts Suzie Thompson, Vice President of Marketing, Distribution & Revenue Management, Red Carnation Hotels RJ Friedlander, Founder and CEO, Review Pro Riko van Santen, Vice President Digital Strategy, Loyalty & Distribution, Kempinski Hotels Frank Reeves, CEO and Co-founder, Avvio Torsten Sabel, COO, Customer Alliance Stephen Williams, Sales and Marketing Director at Windward Management Adrian Hands, Senior Director Key Accounts EMEA, Trip Advisor Roman Sucharzewski, Director Hotel Distribution & Marketing – Europe, Diamond Resorts International “Keeping up to date with the constantly changing landscape is paramount for our continued work,” says Mr. “In order to reach that goal we will apply the most recent and best developments to enhance and advance the customer experience, improving the digital marketing and digital presence of the industry, and assist with the link from online to hotels themselves,” he explains.

“Also, helping the hospitality sector to optimise profitability in the ever-changing environment, where customers are hyperconnected, to stay ahead and create and share best practises, should be something of a focal point for us,” Ms Scriven, newly elected Vice Chair, adds.

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“We are extremely pleased to see these very important positions filled by two eminent experts, propelling HSMAI forward as a powerhouse for digital marketing within the travel and hospitality industry,” says Ingunn Hofseth, CEO and President of HSMAI Region Europe, continuing: “The choice of Chair and Vice Chair is a balanced mix of the hospitality side and tech side, which is certainly going to help enable us to combine both aspects.

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