Bulgaria dating girls

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Now that I think about it, the 80 approaches I’ve done on the hypthy dancefloors of Sofia have yielded surprisingly little results.

Contrary to a lot of my experiences in Colombia and Denver, Colorado my most fruitful sets have not occurred in loud, raucous nightclubs, but in salsa clubs, meetups, smoking areas and patios.

I’ve yet to experience a latin club that is anything resembling a .

Hotter girls — Bulgarian girls are pretty attractive but at least during the winter they try to convince you they are NOT with dorky sweaters and the atrocious hipster attire that is sweeping Europe.

Knowing those facts will provide better understanding of the culture and history of Bulgaria which caused such specific moments.The girls dance alone, the guys just sit there trying to look tough while they drink away half their paychecks.Which kind of reminds me of Colombia where people also go out in large groups and the guys always pay for everything of course, but in Colombia they actually dance with each other.Less drunk people — If you, like me, don’t really like to drink while gaming, you’ll likely find salsa clubs a whole lot more conducive to your temperament. It’s super rare that you’ll encounter the kinds of rude, drunken antics at a salsa club that you so commonly do at mainstream clubs.Girls approach you — Yes, girls actually approach you and ask you to dance.

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