Dating 2 guys

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A few words before you go…I wish each of you good, comforting dating experiences, and hope that you stay focused on two crucial questions, regardless of whether you are dating one or two people at the same time: Does this person meet my emotional needs for respect, attention, and consistency?

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You can change you hair, your career, or your man to discover what is most authentically you. This is the point when most men and women shift to call the other person their boyfriend or girlfriend.In the beginning, draw boundaries and state clearly what you want.Too many relationships have ended because two people actually wanted different things.Once you and the person you like have had a discussion about what kind of relationship each of you wants, it is time to — drumroll, please — start dating. If you are dating two people at once and you are behaving respectfully and morally with each of them, you aren’t cheating on anyone.

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