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The site developers had made a public request for Stern-Trump interview audio files on various Stern fan sites and on Reddit earlier this year. On May 24, 2002, Trump referred to getting “the right price” for Melania on a billboard. That provoked Stern to ask Trump about his germ phobia. I mean theoretically, you know, because that's obsessive-compulsive, right? Because you know what happened, Ivana's accent was cute for a long time.The site allowed to search the files before making them available to the public for the first time on Monday. And she was there along with other supermodels, and I greeted all of them, and I said, that's the one that's the most beautiful. Trump: And she is considered beautiful by the other girls. Trump admitted he washed his hands “as many times as possible” per day. Have you ever gone to a psychiatrist to eliminate that problem? Trump: Yes, it was amazing, and then one time I woke up that [] it was terrible, I couldn't stand it.Donald Trump thinks Ivanka “looks down on me,” concedes he has groped Melania in public, knows his compulsive handwashing “could be a psychological problem” and once suggested deploying sleeping gas on planes to deter terrorists, according to a new archive of all the conversations he had on air with Those comments, along with various eyebrow-raising but predictable vulgarities, can be found in a new, online archive of Trump’s 15 hours of radio banter with the shock jock.In them, he discusses the relative hotness of his wives (and almost every other female celebrity of the moment) and his feelings about his daughter Ivanka, while chortling with Stern’s crew as they joked about who was more “gay” and whether getting vomited on was more gross than eating food that had been on someone’s anus.Psychologists Rosemary Sword and Philip Lombardo write that Trump’s impulsivity and immaturity are signs of a person exhibiting “unbridled and extreme present hedonism,” a syndrome related to arrested emotional development due to childhood trauma.“Without proper individual assessment we can only make a best guess about whether Trump suffers from arrested emotional development which may or may not be a factor in his extreme present hedonism,” they write.

After the “grab 'em by the pussy” hot-mic tape release in October of last year, Melania Trump went on CNN and told Anderson Cooper she had warned her husband that Stern was bad for him.

The interviews are collated and searchable in a massive new archive of conversations that also show that Trump and his third wife, now first lady Melania Trump, were more than willing to discuss intimate details of their sex life, even as the Donald tested the water for a presidential run in 1999. Trump: Well, I let her do advertising down there because I got her for the right price, Howard [referring to Melania on a New York City billboard ad]. Stern: And she's not a—she's not a pain in the ass, like Ivana? Stern and Trump also discussed Trump's various prenuptial agreements. Trump: I own 25 percent of Goodyear Tire and Rubber. There you go, there's something interesting you don't hear every day on TV.

An anonymous person earlier this month sent the audio files of 35 full and unique Trump-Stern interviews by Dropbox to the website In May 1993, he notes that even though he gave Ivana million, she violated the prenup, “spitting all over” him by writing a roman à clef. You cannot overpower this problem, you know that... After putting Melania on the phone with Stern once, Trump also explained that he likes women with accents, and Stern reminded him of Ivana’s Czech accent. Stern: Well, you know what it is, the accent's cute now, but you better not get married.

His last appearance on was August 25, 2015, two months after he had announced his candidacy.

That day, Trump declined the DJ’s request to rate the hotness of Megyn Kelly.

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