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I had a salesman in my office on Friday who was trying to get my business. I thought this was pretty funny and assumed he was going for the campiness factor. When I asked him what he was doing over the weekend, he told me he was going to a Renaissance Faire.However, due to limited supply, sellers on E-Bay are already listing the toy for 0. The other night, as I was reading, I noticed someone making a sandwich at am. I'm a big fan of the late-night hoagie and I have enormous respect for my fellow stoner chefs.But then, I started thinking about what kind of sandwich the guy was making. What if it was black trumpet mushrooms with white truffle fondue on a ciabatta roll? If you want to know where to get the best Moroccan food in NYC, need someone to give a speech at a wedding, or are curious about what kind of wine goes best with pizza, I am definitely your man.Owing to my parents' immigrant status, the holidays weren't a big deal in our home.

He was a really nice guy so we started shooting the shit about non-work related topics. You know, spend a few hours outdoors, drink a few beers, watch a joust.

I don't know whether he looked more like a gay Musketeer or the illegitimate love child of Friar Tuck and Falstaff. So can someone please explain to me why I completely freak out when she gets within 10 feet of an unpeeled grape?

I thought he was kidding until he showed me the photos. THE WRATH OF GRAPES I let my daughter eat off the floor, hang off the bars at the jungle gym, run wildly through the streets of NYC, jump headfirst off the couch, and play with scissors.

The latest incarnation of "Survivor: Cook Islands" where the teams are divided by ethnicity.

I like to call the show "Survivor: KKKoo K Isands" but somehow I can't stop watching it.

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