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This setting can be changed manually to keep it from affecting or being affected by other resources.

It can also be set automatically by the failover cluster.

This gives you the benefits of running Validate against that type of disk to ensure that it will work while not risking any downtime to production workloads.

The following are examples…Adding a node to the cluster; Upgrading or replacing the storage hardware; Upgrading the firmware or the driver for host bus adapters (HBAs); Updating the multipathing software or the DSM; Changing or updating any network adapter…” So how can you minimize the impact of Validating a cluster while it is in production?

Several tests will actually trigger failovers and move the disks and groups to different cluster nodes which will cause downtime, and these include Validating Disk Arbitration, Disk Failover, Multiple Arbitration, SCSI-3 Persistent Reservation, and Simultaneous Failover.

So if you want to test a majority of the functionality of your cluster without impacting availability, exclude these tests.

Or how do you test that your Windows Server 2003 storage will work after a migration without actually impacting your production 2003 cluster.

This can be done by simply creating a new cluster disk from the same storage array, exposing it to all nodes and running all tests against just that disk.

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